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Paint Prep Work

Roof Coat Removal

Removal of Roof Coating on Curved Portion of Roof

I have spent the last two weeks removing the elastomeric rubberized roof coating from the curved portion of the roof. I applied it back in 2004, so it’s been on for 10 years. I’ll say one thing about the product, it’s hard to remove! I’m leaving about a 6′ wide strip down the center, front to rear. I’ll re coat that after the bus is painted. I used a heat gun and a wide scraper to carefully peel it off. I did have to use my orbital sander with 60 grit on the rear cap roof. It wouldn’t scrape very easily for some reason. It also took about two or three previous layers of paint. I had thought about removing it down to the bare aluminum, but I might just sand it before I apply the sealer primer. The primer that is there is in pretty good shape. I do know there are several coats of paint/primer underneath.

This is going to be a long process getting it ready. I’ll have to use a D/A sander with 320 to scratch up the blue I put on 7 years ago. I have lots of time and it’s a good project to keep me busy for a while.

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Another New Year To Celebrate

The weather has decided to finally cooperate! The freezing cold has left and it has been replaced with some very nice weather. The high today is supposed to be around 76°.

I have started to prep the coach for paint and removed the patio awning yesterday. That was a job for two people but there is only one of me. I got it done and didn’t bend or break anything! It took a couple of hours, but it’s off the bus.

I have had this voltage problem for quite some time and thought I would address it this past Thursday. In doing some troubleshooting I determined that the regulator is the problem as I could not make any adjustments at the potentiometer. I just happen to have a spare one that I have been carrying around ever since I’ve had the coach. Not knowing what condition is was in I took a gamble and installed it. The circuit board looked completely different although the model numbers are the same. I’m happy to report that the voltage remained at a steady 13.84, with no load or a load on the system. I was very happy with the result as the head lights are so much brighter and the turn signal is much faster. Finally we now have constant correct charging voltage.

Here is the a photo of the two regulators. The old one is on the right.


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