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New Bamboo Floor in Living Room

After carpet in our living room twice, no more. We decided to look for acceptable flooring and came upon some very nice solid Bamboo at HD. It is tongue and grooved, sides and both ends. I found out that this is just as dense as oak and very durable. We opted for the solid strand woven, harvest finish, 3/8″ thick. There are many styles and colors to choose from, but this one caught our eye.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

We purchased 3 boxes, enough to do the LR with some to spare including very little waste. You have to lay down some underlayment, which is basically foam with one side foil. We bought one roll of 100 sq. ft., which enough to do the living room and bedroom.

Foam Underlayment



We moved furniture, electric fireplace and stuff on the driver side and proceeded to rip out the carpet and padding. This was fun! It was a high-end carpet but found out that carpet is very hard to keep clean in such a small space. With two dogs and West Texas dirt, you get the idea.

After installing the flooring on one side, we moved our couch to the new flooring so we could do the other half. The holes in the wall is from two different ideas for an eating table and seating. After installing them we decided that we never ate there, always at the couch. So out they went, which left some holes for me to deal with later.

One half finished

One half installed



Here are a couple of shots of what it looks like after completion. When I installed the carpet the last time I made up some red oak edging to hold down the carpet. We were very lucky that the new bamboo flooring slide right under the edge, which made for a nice clean finish. It was like we planned that way all along! lol

Oak edging with finished bamboo floor

Finished Floor

Close up of Bamboo Flooring

Close up picture

I nailed down the perimeter along the side walls and the transition to the kitchen flooring. The rest was laid in place using a rubber mallet to make sure each piece was tight and snug to each other. Once the flooring was down we installed some Bamboo 3/4″ quarter round to finish it off, nailed to the oak base. We are so pleased with the end result that we’ve decided to also do the bedroom very soon.

Bamboo Quarter Round

Bamboo Quarter Round



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