Air Force One Installation

After much consideration and recommendations we decided to install the Air Force One brake system on our bus and towed.

Air Force One – SMI

This installation is for a coach with air brakes. I wanted a proportional system and they are the only ones that provide that.

I installed the necessary hardware on our 2011 Buick Enclave last week and finished installing everything on the coach today. I found several YouTube videos that were a great help. It does come with instructions but watching a video is a great way to see what is involved.

Each towed car is set up different, so you need to decide where the controller and the air tank with the metering valve should go.

I mounted the controller behind the front panel covering the radiator on the Enclave. I decided that would be a good place out of any weather and heat. The toughest part was running the 1/4″ DOT air line through the firewall. They don’t make things easy anymore on these newer cars. I cut into the steering wheel boot and ran it through there. Then I attached the cable for the actuator cylinder just below that. Being careful not to drill into anything, like brake or A/C lines. It worked out just fine.

I called the manufacturer today to ask them if it was necessary to mount the Total Coach Protection tank and valve where they suggested, by the brake valve for the rear axle. The bulkhead was pretty full and everywhere I tried it just wasn’t to my satisfaction. Hoses and suspension parts were way to close for comfort for me. They said I could mount it anywhere, fore or aft. I chose aft. I chose a spot that would be easy for any necessary repair work, although I’m sure it will last a very long time. I installed it in the old A/C compartment next to the engine. I ended up buying more 1/4″ DOT air line due to the longer run.

I will test the system shortly to make sure everything is in working order. I’m confident that it will work as I was very careful during the installation to make sure there would be no hiccups.

Here are a couple of pics showing where the Air Force One Operating Unit is located and also the Total Coach Protection assembly.

Mounted in a 2011 Buick Enclave

Mounted in a 2011 Buick Enclave

Total Coach Protection tank and valve assembly

Total Coach Protection tank and valve assembly

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