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HWH Hydraulic Leveling

I have finally finished installing the front kick down leveling jacks, wired up the Leveleze and warning lights along with some work on the front axle. Remember, this complete system came from a Silver Eagle 01 donor coach. The previous post showed what I removed and had to obviously clean up and prepare for the installation.

I had to make the LED and switch panel from some aluminum and mount it near the ticket window so I have easy access to it when leveling. The green lights will tell me when the coach is level when all of the lights are out. It works off a sensor that I mounted in one of the bays under the main floor of the kitchen. I tested the Leveleze prior to installation to make sure it worked and was pleased to find out it did. It was previously mounted over the drive axle and looked like it had been through a rough life. A pretty crude looking test but it was successful.


Here is the panel that I made, with lots of time polishing to make it look acceptable. The button on the left was the original pump start switch. I checked out the micro-switch that is on the main hydraulic levers and it is functional, but decided to go ahead and prewire this as a backup in case of switch failure. In other words, when you move the lever to extend the jack, the pump with start and feed fluid to the jacks. The toggle switch to the right is connected to the green lights on the bottom. This is used during the leveling process to let me know which low corner to raise first, when the LED’s are off, the coach is level. The red LED’s above are connected to the switches on each jack, if the light is on, that jack is not in it’s fully retracted position. I’ve since used some SS screws to secure the panel.


I removed the front wheels to have better access to the installation and found some grease zirks that needed attention. Two were missing and one on the curb side connecting rod had been knocked off due to it’s location. I spent some considerable time removing the rod, drill and tap for the new zirk and reinstall it in the proper location. Someone in it’s previous life flip flopped the rod and the zirk and been knocked off. One dust cap was also missing which will get replaced. I had never noticed it before when greasing, so glad I discovered it. Thanks to Daniel for letting me use some specialty tools to fix the problem!

I mounted the pump in the old spare tire compartment. This will give me a good area for any future maintenance and it’s protected from the elements. All cabling, wiring and plumbing is finished with the exception of the rear jacks which will be done after they are installed. Those hoses and wires will be run through the tunnel from front to back.

Here is what the front jacks look like now. I used a 1/4″ thick, 4″ x 2″ x 48″ long upper capped steel beam with lots of angle for bracing for the various side loads.  I spent some time measuring everything to make sure they would be installed in the correct location. I hate welding upside-down, but it’s done and not going to fall off! lol

Driver side.


Passenger side.


Don’t look too close at the paint job, a little over spray here and there but it will be taken care of. Just had to add some color to remind myself of the work that was done. lol It’s also missing one grease rubber cap that will be installed soon. What do you expect for a 48 year old bus! lol

The rear jacks are going to be more of a challenge. I have to remove the tag wheels and tires, make the jack mounts and secure them to the frame. That process will take some time so don’t expect me to post the progress anytime soon. lol I’m really only archiving the work I do on our coach for further reference and and to help me remember what was done.

I took the day off yesterday to enjoy Veteran’s Day. We went to Viginian City to view the parade and was not dissapointed. The town may be small but they are very patriotic when it comes time to honoring the Vet’s! One little girl about 6 or 7, stopped and gave me a paper heart that she had colored and thanked me for my service to our country. I was very touched by her thoughtfullness. We also enjoyed some free meals at a couple of casino’s, which was very nice. It was a very good day!


The weather has been perfect and unseasonably warm for this area, so I was able to really get a lot of work accomplished. I’m told that that is about to change in a few days. In other words, get out the long johns! lol

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