Detroit Diesel 8V71N Removal

Well, the removal process has begun. We’ve had some snow and very cold weather, so it’s not happening as fast as I would like. I was hoping to have it out this week, but with the cold weather it’s a slow process.

At least everything is pretty easy to remove as I installed this back in 2012, making it much easier to remove nuts, bolts etc. It sure is great to have a nice concrete slab to work on and a forklift to help pull it out.

Everything has been sold! (Updated 12/29/16)

I will have the following gently used components For Sale after it’s all removed and cleaned up. $3500.00 with no warranty offered or implied. This is a undocumented low mileage engine. I believe it has less than 20 K miles on it since complete rebuild. Previous owner had the paperwork but since has discarded it.

  • Detroit 8V71N with air throttle.
  • Allison HT740 with shift tower and fairly new cable.
  • Radiator that is in very good shape.
  • Driveline that has only about 4 K miles on it, was new when I installed it back in 2012, flanged both ends.
  • Set of Jakes, missing one drone and a set of high valve covers. These are not installed.
  • Two mufflers.

The reason for the swap to an Silver 8V92T with Jakes is this, I was made an offer I just couldn’t pass up. It has less than 2 K miles on a complete, documented rebuild. Along with a new cooling system that was designed properly to keep the Detroit within operating temps.

Along with this transformation I will install a lot of new wiring, power steering, a new to me Kubota genset and the removal and swap of a complete differential. The current one has a leaking seal and a worn spindle, so this will remove that problem from my situation. The new rear end also has size 36 brake cans on it, which is a bonus for stopping this beast.

The HWH hydraulic leveling system is almost finished. I installed the rear jacks a couple of weeks ago, just need to finish installing the hoses and wiring after the engine hole is empty.



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10 responses to “Detroit Diesel 8V71N Removal

  1. Brenda

    Have you redone the inside of yours?

  2. Liam

    I am highly interested in the parts package. I want to swap it into a ’58 Silver Eagle currently powered with a tired 8v71 & a Spicer crash box. I’m in Denver.

  3. James

    I have a 73 Eagle. Seems like it’s part Model 5 and model 10. How can I tell if the 8v71n would fit it? Not sure what N denotes.

    • The N signifies that it is Naturally Aspirated, no Turbo. I have sold everything. You need to find another Eagle, much easier to have everything you need for a swap. Or just find a good motor and swap out the stuff on yours to the new one.

  4. Michael

    Hello !! I’m looking for a radiator for my Eagle bus 1967 8V71 mine was stolen when I left it out to get it repaired.plz help would like to get one ASAP Mike @ 443-207-7236

    • Atlas Radiator in Texas is where they are made. You can also have any radiator shop rebuild yours. Another good source is Greg Goodson at Goodson Bus. He has a lot of spare parts and Eagle buses. An 01 may be more difficult to find though.

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