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New Upgrades for our Silver Eagle 01

We have spent the last year traveling from Abilene to Washington State visiting family and friends along the way. We attended the North West Bus Nuts Rally In The Gorge last month and had a blast. It was great to see old friends and make new ones. We spent the summer in Bend with my brother and his wife, fishing and sightseeing. Such a beautiful area to explore. So, not anything was done to Dreamscape, until now.

We are in Gold Hill, NV for the next several months staying with our friends Paulette and Daniel. I was presented with an offer on our last visit that I couldn’t refuse. The list is quite long and will take several months to accomplish them all. So here is what will be changed, modified and added to Dreamscape.

A Detroit Diesel 8V92T with Jakes, and approximately 2,000 miles on it. It has new factory heads and bunch of new internal parts. Along with a new radiator and custom fan to provide ample cooling. I’m told it’s roughly at around 470 hp, which is a bunch more than our 8V71N. I fired it up before I started the removal and it sounded sweet with no smoke on a cold start.┬áIt is coupled to an Allison HT 740 with a Stone Bennett, air over electric to do the shifting.


(The blue box is a cruise air that I’m not using.)

I will also install an HWH hydraulic leveling system, Bendix Cruise Control and a Kubota 12kw generator to replace our air cooled Onan 12kw genset along with some other modifications. For the first time in it’s 48 year old life, it will have power steering! Yea!

All of these parts are being removed from a Silver Eagle 01, which should make it a very easy, but time consuming transfer. The Ross steering box I already have, I bought it 4 years ago and have been waiting for the right time, this is it!

I’ve already removed and installed the Bendix Cruise with the exception of hooking up the speed sensor to the donor Allison. That will be done when I install the 8v92.


I finished removing the HWH jacks today along with the wiring, hydraulic hoses and pump. They aren’t pretty but the bones are good. I’ll clean them up and throw some paint on them before I design the mounting brackets.


Stay tuned for further updates as we move forward. I promise that the next serious of pics will be nicer to look at! lol

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